Best mobile phone for grandparents

Without any doubt, technological advancement tends to leave old age people behind. The senior citizens find it challenging for adopting the latest technologies. The mobile phone sector is emerging more and more, so grandparents find them very difficult to operate.  Do grandparents seem stunned by the advanced mobile phones? This list of best mobile phone for grandparents is enough for convincing parents that the new mobile technology is simple to understand. It includes:

  • General-purpose smartphones
  • Smartphone with a physical keyboard
  • Voice phones

When it comes to BlackBerry Key2, iPhone XR, Galaxy Note 9, Snapfon, and Moto E5 Plus, they are the few examples of phones for senior citizens.

Senior-Specific Carriers

GreatCall is a wireless carrier that specializes in the senior market and offers Consumer Cellular and Jitterbug. Consumer Cellular utilizes T and AT&T-Mobile networks, and GreatCall uses the Verizon network. GreatCall is suitable for people who need regular health monitoring. It includes connected alert devices, 24/7 accessibility to nursing, and urgent response button.

Jitterbug Flip works on 3G network of Verizon and get software upgrades for making calls on 4G LTE network of Verizon. Consumer Cellular provides two high-end smartphone devices, including Apple iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Standard carriers

Generally, older people look for voice-only phones. Luckily, many wireless carriers carry simple telephones for the elderly. Numerous changes are arriving in the network of these carriers. Hence you should pick the right one carefully.  Many carriers use their energies to develop 4G LTE networks. The 4G LTE based basic phones have high-quality voice calling or HD Voice when calling others on a similar network. It means that they are easier on the old ears.

Do you want to buy an affordable phone with fewer resolution screens? You can consider Moto E5 series.

They feature affordable prices, long battery life, and big screens. Samsung phones have a Simple Mode with certain obvious options, which are available on mobiles that range from affordable J3 up to high-end Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

Prepaid Carriers

The elderly individuals with fixed incomes look for affordable and best mobile phone plans that feature many cost-effective virtual carriers. The prepaid carriers not only use leading carriers’ networks but also tend to collect more charge per month, even for basic services.  Are you searching for voice-only, limited plans? You can consider the career networks which are available for $10 per month. They usually need that you carry your individual compatible, unlocked phone. Snapfon ezTWO 3G is a highly preferred phone that functions on carriers, which uses AT&T 3G networks. It is boasting of a loudspeaker and big buttons. It is affordable.


Are you looking for cell phones for seniors with a touchscreen? You can read the above-given guide.

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