How Long Do You Have To Live In NZ To Get The Pension?

To qualify for getting Pension in New Zealand, you must live in New Zealand for at least ten years after the age of 20. Individual needs to spend 5 of those ten years of living in New Zealand after you turned 50.

Normally, New Zealand does not have any kind of retirement age. But, most of the people mainly aim at retiring at the age of 65. In fact, most of the superannuation plans that include the Government-funded New Zealand Superannuation and many others have been set at the age of 65 years old.

Many numbers of payment plans are available, so it is important to choose the best one. For qualifying for the pension plan, you have to live in NZ to get the pension which is useful for improving your financial aspects. When you have spent living in overseas, then it is only counted only when you have lived in certain countries that include Australia.

retirement age

Overseas Pension

For getting the pension when you are from another country then it would affect your amount in NZ Super that you save been receiving. You need to submit the important information about the Income and work aspects so that it would be easier for getting the pension benefits.

Residency Requirements

For getting benefits and pensions in more New Zealand, it is important to meet certain requirements. Having a permanent residency in New Zealand would be suitable for the Superannuation, and the Veteran’s Pension. Gain a number of Pension benefits with extensively gaining more aspects.

Following all rules to get the pension in New Zealand with the residency requirements would be an efficient option. When you are a lawfully resident in New Zealand, then you could easily apply for getting the benefits for the pension in the country.

  • Lawfully resident
  • Ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • Must spend a certain time living in New Zealand

Applying for the special and general portability for the New Zealand pensions requires certain criteria based on the legislation for making the application. When you are not a lawfully resident in New Zealand or temporary entry class visa, then you cannot apply for the pension.

When you are considering retiring in New Zealand, then there is the number of retirement plan you can choose from various schemes. When living in New Zealand for a long time for about ten years, then you get a lot of options for getting the pension scheme.

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